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September 2, 2011

Windows 8 May Be Closer Than We Think. Like Q2 2012

by Darren W Baker

At the end of June, Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet wrote an article about the possibility of Windows 8 going RTM in April 2012.  While I really want Microsoft to take their time and do the touch interface for Windows right, I see so many tablet devices starting and dying that if they don’t get into the market with the OEM’s for a series of great devices, they might just not get there at all.

I love my Asus EP121 for the power it provides and my Acer Iconia Tab W500 for its battery life and portability, but Windows 7 slates are just not generally available for consumption the way iPad is. You can buy an iPad or Android tablet at Target but check, Staples, Best Buy, HHGregg  or any electronics store and you can’t find them . Except for  Fry’s, God love ‘em, but the Windows tablets  aren’t with the iPads or Androids, they are in the back… The ones you do find available are still missing features to stay price competitive. I really wish my Windows 7 slates had 3G, for example, so I wouldn’t have to carry around a MiFi too.

On a side note, if you invite a group of people to a meeting, kindly provide guest wireless access. Things are moving so fast in business we have to stay connected. I can promise I won’t be reading CNN instead of listening to you (unless there is major news).  I was invited to a 4 hour meeting at a hotel earlier this week were they stated they would provide internet access. It was there but they didn’t provide us with the required access code. I can’t believe they didn’t think of this. Lucky for me I had that MiFi.

I know the OEMs are hard at work designing devices with the new low power chipsets to lengthen battery life and make devices thinner and lighter. Microsoft is working hard with the OEMs to fix the OEM licensing process. If you didn’t know already,  there is an error in the process with Windows Vista and Windows 7 that allows the Windows OEM version to be installed and activated on any new device that supports Windows 7, whether you own the license or not. I am glad to know this will be fixed finally. The interesting part of what I heard at the meeting , was that all this has to be fixed and ready by April 2012.

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