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April 28, 2012

Release Preview? Windows 8 may be sooner than expected.

by Darren W Baker

It’s no secret that Sogeti is a global Microsoft partner. Sogeti, a part of the Capgemini Group,  is managed separately than our sister company Capgemini, much in the way that Accenture / Avanade are.

Sogeti even maintains its Microsoft 18 Gold Competencies separate from Capgemini, much in the way that Accenture / Avanade doesn’t.

Sogeti works closely with Microsoft to stay on top of new developments that Microsoft makes with their products, through Beta programs and Technology Adoption Programs (TAP) to ensure Sogeti consultants are the most knowledgeable and can help make the educated choices for customers Business Technology decisions.

Two weeks ago, all the Sogeti countries converged on Chicago for our annual Microsoft Alliance meeting where we talk about our plans for the future service offerings, marketing and events. One of the presentations was of course on Windows 8, the Windows 8 timeline and how it relates to our plans.

This slide was presented that shows various timelines with the events and initiatives Sogeti is doing, none of which are secret. We even talked about the “vague timeline” for the Windows 8 General Availability, of which all of us assume is mid-November, so that devices are in the stores for the holiday shopping season.

Then, Microsoft announces the “Release Preview” this week at Japan’s Windows 8 Dev days for the first week of June. Suddenly, this morning, I’m thinking, I am reading this timeline all wrong. If the RC preview is T+7, then Windows 8 GA scheduled for AUGUST? We previously though it would be October, now with the Japan Windows 8 Dev days announcement, I’m not so sure. If GA is August then Software Assurance customers would have Windows 8 in July!

My Windows 8 2012 Q2 prediction was ambitious, but may not have been that far off, and we are already starting to see Windows 8 slate concepts , Windows 8 Ultrabooks and convertible laptops in the media.

This this is true, then we shall double our efforts.

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