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July 6, 2012

Windows 8 VIP Partner Summit @ WPC2012

by Darren W Baker

I’m pretty excited to finally have been invited to attend a pre-launch Windows 8 event that Microsoft has hosted. I have been to other events, like the Windows 8 Deployment “Delta Force” Event in March 2012 at the Microsoft Campus, and the Windows 8 Developer Camps, but I wasn’t allowed to blog about what I learned there.

I am hoping that we will learn some new things that havent been announced yet, AND they will let us write about it.  Here is the scheduled agenda for the event:


1:00pm-2:00pm Registration and badge Pick-up
2:00pm – 3:00pm Windows 8 Flexible Workstyle through new user   interface, security, mobility and networking
3:00pm – 3:30pm Break
3:30pm – 4:30pm Windows 8: Hardware Innovations
4:30pm – 5:30pm Windows 8 Partner Opportunities + Q&A with the   Windows Team

So far, the session has been a recap of some of the other sessions we have already seen.
Brad McCabe demoed Windows 8 Applications other partners have written. Was interesting to see how they solved similar design and interactions.
Erwin Visser just told all attendees that we will get a USB 3.0 stick provisioned with Windows to Go. That got a round of applause.

Brad McCabe is now demoing Secure boot with UEFI Bios. Demonstrated how the OS can detect when something trys to change the configuration the system will detect it and put the files back to the way they are supposed to be. I actually ran into this while trying to install unsigned drivers trying to get Angry Birds to run.

Erwin is talking about Virtualization enhancements. USB redirection is in finally. We had customers that couldn’t run Lync with USB headsets or USB based card readers. This will open up new VDI opportunities. Demo of RemoteFX for video rendering. A 3D CAD session and USB Web cam in a VDI session. It just occured to me that this ran very simply and easily. I just worked. Apple doesnt do any of this.

Interesting demo of Storage provisioning with Windows 8. Brad showed removing a drive it didnt fail. Then he knocked out his drive hub and showed that he wasnt cheating the demo. He knocked all drives offline. Put them all back it the shared storage came back.

Windows 8 certified devices will offload processes to the silicon to save power & speed up processes. For example, reconnecting to WiFi, the OS makes the reconnection instruction, and then onboard chip actually does the connection.


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