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Darren travels around the world talking to people about their end user computing needs. With over 20 years of experience in IT, he knows the user is the key to enabling business. Provide the user with a work environment that is easy to use, secure and doesn’t inhibit them, and they can accomplish anything from anywhere. The Workplace is no longer a place, its what people do.

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  1. May 26 2013

    Hi Darren!
    I read your post about the Asus Vivo Tab RT and the problem with the mobile broadband.
    How did it go? Do you know what caused it not to be enabled?
    I just bought the same model – yesterday – here in Sweden and have the same problem 😦
    I have tried with 2 different simcards from 2 different operators in my Vivo Tab and I cant enable the mobile broadband. I have also the same message in control panel like you: “There is no simcard…”

    • Jun 6 2013

      I sent it back to ASUS, and they repaired it. They never stated what was wrong with it or how they fixed it, just that it was fixed.

  2. Aug 3 2012

    Hi Darren,
    I have a Samsung Slate 7 too with Win8 Release Preview installed and I can’t use wired network. Do you have this issue?

    • Aug 18 2012

      Hello Henrique.

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I have had 4 of the Samsung slates. I did encounter one where the wired network port wouldnt work. I thought it was the dock and when I tried another dock, it still didnt work. It ended up being the dock connector on the slate itself that was the problem. Video would work, but the network and power would not pass through. Have you tried it on another dock to determine where the problem actually is?


  3. May 27 2012

    Hi Darren I know you have a Samsung //BUILD/ prototype, now… I’m experiencing some troubles with mine, (I erased the BIOS and I need to reflash the ROM) but first I need to know if I can extract the flash from the mainbord so, can You send me some picture of your device when you opened it? and can you backup your bios and send me a copy of the image?


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